Can’t act like this if you want to survive

I’m weird. I can’t fit in groups. I can’t take friendships for too long, unless those friends are comfortable with my existance. My cold and lonely existance.
I see them having fun, laughing, saying good things for each other, loving each other. But I can’t do that. First because I would be lying if I were doing those things. And then I don’t have lovely words to tell anybody. I’m cold. And I can’t trust anyone. I don’t know how. And day by day, I’m realizing how much strange I am. My habits, my weird desire of moving all the time, my endless silence with people, my lack of advice for good friends (those one who kept believing on me). This is who I am. I’m all alone. I can’t keep acting like this if I wanna survive, because someday, I might kill myself just to stop this old feeling.

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